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Preliminary Outline & Thesis Statement

Preliminary Outline

Gender Inequality in Taiwan
- Domestic field
------domestic labor allocation
------children-care labor allocation
------property allocation
-Professional field
------opportunity of professional training
------salary distribution
-Reasons caused gender inequality
- ----traditional Chinese concept of males and females
-----different of physiology between men and women
-Solution of the problem
-----help from law/government
-----psychological change of traditional concept

Thesis Statement

Gender inequalities occure in both domestic and professional fields in Taiwan.

Listing of words

Listing of words

  • gender inequality
  • domestic field
  • professional field
  • reasons caused gender inequality
  • traditional Chinese concept of males and females
  • domestic labor allocation
  • children-care labor allocation
  • property allocation
  • threshold
  • opportunity of professional training
  • salary distribution
  • different of physiology between men and women
  • solution of the problem
  • help from law/government
  • psychological change of traditional concept

Topic of Research Paper

Originally, I took "The challenges of Globalization to Taiwanese Youth" as my topic.
However, I changed the topic into
"Gender Inequality In Taiwan: Situation, Causese, and Suggestions".

The motivation of choosing the topic:
From historical cases, books, articles, it is not hard for people to find out that there is inequalities between males and females in the world. In Taiwan, the situation of gender inequalities appears frequently in both of the domestic and professional fields. I would like to try to examine the situation and problems between genders ,and find out the possible causes of these problems in order to give suggestions.

The questions can be ask about the topic:
1 What is gender inequality?
2 Why does gender inequality occure?
3 In what situation, gender inequality would appear?
4 What are the benefits or disadvantage for males or females?
5 What did the government do to support females?
6 What can people/ law/ government do to reduce gender inequalities?

Ada Wang& Research-2006

Ada Wang& Research-2006

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