Saturday, November 25, 2006


Topic:Gender Inequality in Taiwan: Situation, Causes and Suggestions.

Gender inequalities exist in most countries in the world such as Morocco, Uzbekistan, the United States, and Taiwan…etc, but the concerned issues can be different in diverse places (Sen, 2001). In Taiwan, the women’s movement had begun since 1960s, but it was not until the case of Deng in 1993 which alerted the public to the seriousness of gender inequalities, and to pay attention to women’s rights. Then numerous studies on gender inequalities in the context of domesticity and professions have been conducted through investigating and observing social phenomena (Chao, 2005; Dung, 1995; Marsh, 1998; Tsui, 1987; Yu, 2002). The gender inequalities in the family contained six aspects: unfair allocation of domestic labor, children-care labor, and property; in the professions, there were problems of unequal threshold, absurd regulations, and promotion and salary increase.

Through the efforts of previous researchers and reforms of the government and society, the circumstances of domestic and professional inequity between genders in Taiwan have developed and progressed. However, the situation of gender inequalities is always in flux as time passed, and very little complete investigation of the present condition is analyzed. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to survey the gender inequalities which have been investigated before, and find out the situation of gender inequalities today. This paper examined the six fundamental factors of gender inequalities in the domesticity and professions respectively, and concluded that gender inequalities of these six aspects still can be improved. The paper suggests that further establishment of law relating to genders and the cosmos of government help are demanded.


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