Monday, March 12, 2007


Research Questions
1 Do husbands today help their wives with the household duties including domestic chores such as washing dishes, launder clothes, and childcare? How and how often do husbands help?
2 Do wives today have the power and the freedom to allocate the ownership of property or money?
3 Are female employees discriminated due to the gender distinction? What are these discriminations?

The participants for this study were 50 adult females aged from 20 to 65 in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan. These females could be divided into three groups: firstly, the married women with children under age 12, married women with professions, and unmarried women with professions.

I created a paper-pencil-questionnaire with 15 multiple choices questions which mainly were divided into two parts: the domesticity and professions. Only female could answer this questionnaire.
The first part of the questionnaire was the domesticity. The respondent first gave answer to her age and her marital status. If she was married, she answered the following questions which related to the allocation of domestic chores, childcare, and the ability of allocating the property or money in the domestic part. Then the married participant with profession answered the second part.
Unmarried female participants started with the questionnaire in the second part after giving their ages. They were asked about their educations, working status, and the questions related to gender discrimination and professions.


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